Thursday, 21 June 2018

baby girl!

                                 Baby GIRL!!

Who: Jacinda, Clark and the new baby girl.

Where: Auckland hospital.

When: Yesterday the 21st of June (the shortest day or national skate day if you would prefer)

Why: because they wanted to start a family.

What:I don't know much but yesterday in Auckland hospital jacinda Ardern had a baby girl. Jacinda posted on her instagram account 'welcome to our village wee one. feeling very lucky to have a healthy baby girl. thank you for your best wishs and your kindness we're all doing realy well thanks to the wonderful team at the Auckland city hospital'. It was due on my birthday the 17th of June she is yet to be named she was born at 4:45pm and weighed 3.31kgs or 7.3pounds. you probabally will know more tonight on the news.

In My Opinion:I'm sad that the baby was not born on my birthday but happy for Jacinda.

Wondering:I wonder what she's going to be called?

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