Friday, 18 May 2018

paid for one but turned out to be two

Paid for one but turned out to be two.

WHO:A young Motueka woman called Paul

WHAT:A Mot woman saved a female wild kaimanawa stallion from death she was so happy to meet her new friend a few days after she brought the horse she found out that the horse was pregnant.Paul's fundraiser got more than $1800 through her Givealittle page to pay for her and the horse's return trip.However, after three days Ruru was eating out of Paul's hand, and she was able to lead her. On Monday they went to the beach, and she loved rolling in the sand and swimming. 🐴


WHEN: Published yesterday the 16th of may 

WHY/HOW:  by fundraiser

IN MY OPINION: I think that horse is so lucky and Iwould be happy having a horse too.

I WONDER: I wonder if Pual has had a horse before?

GLOSSARY: Kiamanawa-a type of horse
Fundraiser-an event held to generate financial support for a charity, cause, or other enterprise.

Soley Pauls' wild Kaimanawa mare loves the beachSoley Pauls, on day 20 with her Kaimanawa

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