Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Nelson-made chocolate hand-delivered to Queen

Nelson-made chocolate hand-delivered to Queen.

Marina and Karl Hogarth's hand-made chocolate log has made it into a hamper presented to the Queen.
WHO:The Queen, Jacinda Ardern and Marina and Karl Hogarth.


WHEN:It happened two weeks ago when Jacinda had a private meeting with the Queen.

WHY/HOW: ???

WHAT:Marina and Karl Hogarth's hand-made chocolate log has been presented to the Queen.A Nelson-made chocolate log that started off as an experiment was in a New Zealand food hamper gifted to the Queen.The Hogarth's Crafted a Chocolate Milk and Hazelnut Chocolate Log which was one of New Zealand 10 products delivered by prime minister Jacinda Ardern at the private meeting with the Queen two weeks ago. Jacinda was in London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.

IN MY OPINION: I think that would be very special for Marina and Karl.

I WONDER: I wonder what the Queens impression was?

GLOSSARY: Hamper-A basket or box containing food for a special occasion. 

Has the Queen had a taste of Hogarth's Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Log? The Nelson-made treat was included in a hamper that ...

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