Monday, 5 March 2018

Orca play in the water off Taranaki's surf break.

Orca play in the water off Taranaki's surf break.

WHO: Pod of Orca's and Ben Parkes and Trevor Jane

WHAT:Two friends Ben Parkes and Trevor Jane have spotted a pod of Orca's playng in the water at a great surf break. They spotted the whales while sitting outside having a beer near the Taranaki's surf break then they saw a splash out at sea. Then they realised it was a pod of Orca's of around a dozen, usually if they find orca's they need a telescope to see them but Trevor had a drone so he got it up and running FAST! Then flew it to go watch them. Trevor drone saw around 6 whales and 1 was a mother and another was a calf in the water splashing away they stayed for about 30 minutes then swam away. Ben said he'd been in the water surfing with the mammals before but the drone footage captured a completely different angle he admits.

WHERE: Taranaki

WHEN: 21st of January, 2018

WHY: ?

IN MY OPINION:It would be incredable to see a mother whale and a calf 

I WONDER: How ofen they see mother and baby whales

GLOSSARY:Surf break-surf break is a permanent obstruction such as a coral reef, rock, or more that causes a wave to break, forming a barreling wave or other wave that can be surfed on, before it eventually collapses.

Orca play off the coast of Taranaki in January.

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