Sunday, 11 March 2018

2 year old locks iPhone for 47 years

2 year old locks phone for around 47 years

WHO:Mother and 2 year old boy.

WHAT:A two-year-old boy has locked his mother out of her phone for around 47 years.The boy locked his mother out because he was playing with it and repeatedly taping the wrong numbers.A phone expert at a Apple store in Shanghai told the mum she could either wait a long time to try put her password again or wipe everything. She couldn't wait around 47 years and tell her grandchild that it was its father who did it.


WHEN: 7th of March.

HOW: By playing with it repeatedly and tapping the wrong numbers.
IN MY OPINION: I do not believe it and if I got a phone and I got locked out I bet I would not wait 47 years because it would just sit there so it would be no help!

I WONDER: I wonder what the mum was doing? I wonder if it was placed on a table or it dropped out of the 2 year olds mums pocket? 

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