Wednesday, 21 February 2018

host town owaka centre stage for goldfields calvacade.

Host town Owaka centre stage for Goldfields Cavalcade.

WHO: Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Cavalcade, Bush and Beach theme.

WHERE: Otago, New Zealand. They travel from Lawrence to Owaka.

WHEN:They are heading out this weekend to start the week-long pioneer adventure, which will end at Owaka next Saturday, the 3rd March. A total of six days.

WHY:They do this to redo the path of the Otago gold mining pioneers thought out various goldfields in the region.
WHAT:  Its the 26th Annual Cavalcade witch is bush with beach theme. Approximately 489 people have entered so far. 1 of 9 horse, waggon, walk and cycle trails spreads from eastern Southland to south Otago. They do it every year, to redo the path of the Otago gold mining pioneers back in the day. This years Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Cavalcade which will start this weekend and will finish on the 3rd of march and looks like it will be as big as last years of 500 entrees for the 25th anniversary trek.
IN MY OPINION: I think it would be cool to go follow the path of the Otago gold mining pioneers but it would probably be tyring to walk it.

I WONDER: If they stay in huts or tents for the week.

GLOSSERY: Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Calvicade-The name of the event.
Lawrence & Owaka-Townsips is Otago in the south island.
Pioneers-A Person who is among the first to explore, settle or develop a new countrie or area.

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