Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dolphins join crowd of swimmers at island bay, Wellington.

 Dolphins Join Crowd Of Swimmers At Island Bay, Wellington   

WHO: Dolphins.

WHERE: Island bay, Wellington.

WHEN: Sunday the 11th in the morning.

 WHY: Because they could hear the swimmers and leaped to kind of join in.

WHAT:Sunday the 11th at Island Bay in Wellington, 70 swimmers went swimming because was part of the 9 day island-bay festival. Surprisingly a pod of dolphins heard the swimmers through the water and leaped to the swimmers and kind of joined in. Most people reckoned that it looked like 'the dolphins were mainly mucking around' next to the swimmers then continued mucking around with the surf-lifeguards on there paddle boards. During that time another pod of dolphins came and played. Then the both pods slowly leaped back to sea.

The nine-day island bay festival began Saturday the 10th. On Friday the 9th in the afternoon a pod of around 6 dotted through Oriental Bay.Less than 4 weeks ago, a big pod of dolphins, which some said it was close to one hundred dolphins which amazed swimmers.

IN MY OPINION: I think that would incredible to have that opportunity to swim with dolphins and to see dolphins.

I WONDER: If they could touch the dolphins.
GLOSSARY:Island bay-a beach in Wellington

"I think they could hear the swimmers, so they cruised over and kind of joined in," witness Sam Davis said.

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