Sunday, 11 February 2018

Concrete truck decked out for pride prade

               Concrete Truck Decked out for pride parade

WHO: Mark Wright, Hamilton Company Firth Concrete Trucks and Feltcher Buidling.

WHERE:He did it in Hamilton for the Auckland pride parade.

WHEN:29th of January to the 2nd of Febuary last week.

WHY:To embace the LGBT comunity by decorating the bowl of a concrete truckto lead up to Aucklands pride prade on the 17th of Febuary.

WHAT HAPPEND: Mark Wright has made a rainbow coloured bowl of a concerete truck.He got the truck from the Hamilton Company Firth Concrete trucks and Feltcher Building. Mark is used to putting unusal red and yellow decal on trucks but his skills were tested to make it a rainbow. A whirl of rainbow clours will definatly light up constuction sites for a bit at least.

Artistic Media's Mark Wright spent a day wrapping a Firth concrete truck in rainbow colours for Auckland's Pride Parade.
Acceptance of a diverse community is what Rathod is seeing as important to those coming through the junior recruitment proces. As quite a key question that most graduates were asking in terms of diversity and in particular a"It wround LBGT community. It's actually an area our younger generation is looking to in deciding which kind of organisation they would like to work for," Rathod said. 

MY OPINION: I think it looks real cool and he seems really good at that 

I WONDER: If he made any mistakes? if he made some I wonder how much? 

I WONDER: What other people will think of the truck?

GLOSSERY: Hamilton Company Firth Concrete Trucks-its a Firth Concrete truck Company in Hamilton
Feltcher Building-Fletcher Building Limited is one of the largest listed companies in New Zealand
Pride Prade-The events also at times serve as demonstrations for legal rights such as same-sex marriage and more.


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