Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Auckland could get schools without feilds

Auckland could get schools without fields

In Auckland some of there schools will have no school Fields attached to the schools.

They have not conformed yet if that is going to actually going to happen or if it will happen at all.  They have not confirmed when it will start happening, as they are still looking into it.

They are doing this because large areas of land associated with a traditional school could be hard or expensive to acquire.

At first you would not be use to having no feild but then you would slowly get use to it.  It would be sad if someone push you over and you could not stop your self, you would not hurt yourself as much if you landed on grass.  What do you think about having no feild at our School???📖 

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  1. you did a very good job i would not live without a field at school that would not be cool without a field!!!!!.