Saturday, 9 July 2016

Libary cat allowed to stay

 Libary cat allowed to stay

library catWho:Browser (a cat) and the north city council.

Where: The city's puplic library.

When: July 6, 2016

Why: Because they voted and it is Browsers job.

What:A north Texas city council has voted unanimously to reinstate Browser the cat to his job as live-inmascot of the city's Public library. 

The council voted 3-0 to let browser stay at the library 2 weeks after voting  2-1 to give the tabby 30 days to check out.

Mayor Ron White had said he was overwalmed with more then 1,000 messages on social media, all in support of keeping browser on the job. 

The vote was taken without Browser's supporters who jammed the council chamber.


Browser is so cute!!! Browser is lucky  he can stick to his job but I wonder what he does. 


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