Monday, 6 June 2016


The bed that makes Itself

Who: The bed that makes itself

Where: ???????

When: June 2, 2016 

Why: proberly because most people don't make there beds in the morning!

What: Wouldn't you love a bed that makes itself when you get up in the moning?

It's calded the Ohea Smart Bed, it's a bed equipped  with a device that automatically straightens your blankets when you get out of it.

Taking about 50 seconds from crumbled to flat bedding, the device  can be set to operate automatically or manually.

If you do  select the auto-setting, the bed will make itself three seconds after you get out of it.  Manual mode requires the touch of a butten to start the process.

The downside- you need to get the right beding for it to work.

I like my bed crumbled and I wander how much it is, proberly round the 10,000's?


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