Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Giant poo gets stolen in Spain

Giant poo gets stolen in Spain

By Nikita 
21st June 2016

Who: A giant poo.

Where: Spain

When: June 20, 2016

Why: No one knows why it was stolen.

What: A town in Spain is facng an unexpected bill after 

thieves made off with a giant dog dropping. 

The three meter high inflatable poop was brought as part                                                                                               of a campaign by Torrelodones, a small town beside 

Madrid, to encourage pet-lovers to pick up after their 


The poo cost $2,726 and disappeared after it had been 

packed away in its carry-case and the police are now on 

the lookout for the 30 kilo dog poo.

Specking to the ABC newspaper,  councillor Angel Guirao said staff were shocked and perplexed by the theft, and a replacement excrement was already on order because “we know that the campaign has been a great success”.


who would steel a poo, that person must be dum. 



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