Monday, 30 May 2016

donkey to wear nappies in kenya

Donkey to wear nappies in Kenya



when:May 30th 2016

why:To protect the tarmac road

what:Donkey have been banned from  going to Knya's 

donkey nappiesnorth-eastern town of Wajir 

unless they were nappies.

Local say this law has been 

made to protect the newly laid 

tarmac road.

Locals sent a letter to 

donkey-cart owners it said 

"they must manage their 

donkeys to not poop on the

tarmac road or it will be 

creating nuisance." 

There are lots of Donkey-carts

in Wajir's town center, the tarmac road is the only road to 

protect in the town.

Another nappy law like this is was in issued in Limuru, which 

is about 50km north-west of the capital, Nairobi in 2007 but it 

was never put into practice.


The nappies must be big to fit them and that is crazy.

The Donkeys should be able to walk on the road. Why don't  

they put a fence along side the road for the Donkeys to walk



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