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Florence wins huge wave competition

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6th March 2016 by Nikita Wadsworth

When: 28th March 2016
Where: Hawaii
How: Massive wave riding
Who:  John Florence
What happened:  John Florence has been crowned the world's best wave rider after he won the Eddie Aikau surfing contest.
The contest is famous for its massive waves, it has been held nine times since 1987.  It is only held when the waves in Hawaii are between around 10-12 metres high. 
At 23 John Florence is one of the youngest competitors to take the prize.  He won more that $120,000.00 after beating 27 other competitors.

In my opinion:  That would be scary to do and that is a lot of money. 

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  1. I am with you Nikita it would be scary to do. We will stick to the little waves at Rabbit Island.