Sunday, 6 September 2015

Current Event - The new New Zealand Flags.

Four flags chosen for our new flag.
Created on September 6, 2015

New Zealand flags has been trimmed to 4 designs.  There is 3 fern designs and 1 koru design.  These are the options that could go head to head with current New Zealand flag in a referendum next year.

The 4 new national flag designs were revealed yesterday at a function in Wellington.  The public has been asked to rank them to deiced the final flag which is going to be held later this year. This will determine which of the designs will go against the current flag in a second referendum in March 2016 to decide which flag going to be the flag in the future.

A panel chose 40 from more then 10,000 design submitted by the public, cabinet signed off on the final four last week.  The first referendum is set to be between the 20 of November and the 11 of December 2015, and for the new flag it is expected to cost over $25 million.

I think we should leave the flag the way it is right now!              

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