Sunday, 13 September 2015

Current Event - Huhu Grubs Needed

Huhu Grubs Needed

Created on September 13, 2015

The Southland Museum is telling Southlander's to collect alive huhu Grubs to feed the hungry Tuatara's. 
Over 100 Tuataras have woken up from hibernation and the Museum does not have enough huhu grubs for all of the Tuataras.  

Lindsay Hazley, the Tuatara curator, said that Tuatara's eat a variety of insects but huhu grubs are the 'safest' for the members of the public to collect for the reptiles.  

The museum is pleading for the public to collect grubs, they are asking that they are gathered from more natural areas then city areas.  This is because city areas are ridden with pesticides, from which insects must build up the immunity to face.  So there is a preference that huhu grubs come from the outside of the city boundary where there is no contamination.  


IN MY OPINION: If I had to do it I wouldn't even touch a huhu grub at all!           

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