Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Underwater Animals
Looking at Fish
A whale shark can grow 8 times it's own length to a person, and a Goby is smaller then your fingernail.                           Before Dinosaurs                                          Towards the end of the age of the dinosaurs really big Manne dinosaurs were in  the warm shallow water. 
Amazing Fish                                                                                    The moray eel has a really long thin body like a snake.                     Curious Creatures                                                                             Narwhals are whales that live in the icy Arctic waters. When a baby male is about one year old, one of its teeth grows into a long spiral tusk and a Banded Pipefish and Sea Horses are cousins.         Turtle Tactic                                                                                       Snapping turtles hide in mud at the bottom of streams and some leatherback sometimes see plastic bags and think they are jellyfish and try to eat them but they die.
Fishing Feathers
The brown pelican uses its bill to get fish just like a fishing net but at the surface.
Furry Swimmers
Sea Otters come ashore sometimes on rough weather days or to have their pups.
Water Lodge
Beavers build a warm home, the entrance is under water to keep out enemies on land. 
Whale Watching
Risso dolphins are really easy to see because they're all covered in scars from fighting with other dolphins.            Sharks and Rays 
A blind Electric Ray can give you an electric shock just like an electric fence on.


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